1. Reinforcing Rod
2. T-bar Stabilizer
3. T-bar Bumper
4. T-bar Release Knob
5. Main Tire and Wheel Assembly
6. Caster Yoke
7. Caster Tire and Wheel Assembly
8. Actuator
9. Charger/Remote Receptacle
10. Batter Box
11. Angle Iron Attaching Clip
Pro Lift Specs B1230


12volt, 12amp hour, .250 tabs, non spill-able type lead acid gel cell. A fully charged battery in good condition should have a measurable voltage between 13.5 and 14 volts.

Main Tire

Size 9.5x8x18, 4 ply, Inflate to 24psi

Lift Capacity

Lift capacity is 1500 LBS, multiple units may be utilized to lift heavier loads.

Unit Weight

Each side of the Pro-Lifts weigh approximately 110 LBS. Each side can be separated into 2 pieces one weighting ap-proximately 40 LBS and the other weighting approximately

Lifting Height

28 inches, if a few inches of additional height is required, ramps constructed from beveled edged 2”x12” lumber can be utilized.
Battery Chargers

1amp 12V float type trickle charger, 6’ connector cable. The charger should be connect at all times while the Pro-Lifts are being stored, the chargers will not over charge the batteries.

Lubrication &

Grease the fitting on the main tire axel hub periodically, oil the top side of the spindle yoke rod on the casters, so that the oil will run down the shaft and spring assembly, apply light grease to the black, actuator extension tube as needed. The powder coated surfaces can be cleaned with denatured