Which receptacle is used to plug in the battery charger, and which is for the remote control

It does not matter. Either receptacle can be used to plug in the battery charger or the remote control.

I need to lift a unit that weighs over 1,500 lbs. Is there a way Pro-Lift can do this?

Yes. Multiple pairs of Pro-Lifts can be used on heavier units, although the turnign radius will be increased. The Pro-Lifts should be placed as close to each other as possible.

What are the Z angle adapters for?

Some package units are not equipped with the proper forklift rails (with slots that have an upper lip for the Pro-Lifts to attach). Install the adapters by slipping the bottom edge underneath the A?C unit at the center of gravity. The ywill need to be held in place with self-tapping screws. (#12 or 1/4″ x 1″) Use at least 4 screws for smaler units, more for units weighing over 500 lbs.

Is there a proper way to store the Pro-Lift when not in use?

Pro-Lift can be stored in any dry shop or storage area. The battery chargers should be plugged in continuously while the unit is in storage. The float chargers guarantee that the batteries will not overcharge, keeping them in optimal condition.